Journal of a Travel Segment in Nepal. –Bruce Sheehan I will admit. As I flew from Pokhara to Jomsom, my heart beat as if it was going to come out of my ribs. The flight from Pokhara to Jomsom was unlike any other flight I have ever been in. The aircraft flies very close to the mountain as if the wheels or the wingtips are about to touch the mountains. Spectacular scenery of course, but

January 19, 2015 Fond recollections and photographs by Richard Davis – Seattle, WA, USA The problem in sharing my Nepal experience isn’t think of things to write about; it’s paring down the experiences of two intense weeks to just a few of the most interesting items. Remarkable People For people like myself who have never been to Asia, let alone Nepal, the culture shock is real. The traffic chaos, the lack of order in just

Karnali flows through the gorges Rafting in Nepal meets all three of the themes that define adventure travelling by ATTA (physical activity, a connection with nature and cultural immersion). Based on the level of rafting you choose, the physical activities that are involved are proportional; a connection with the nature by default and a profoundly rich cultural immersion that is different in each of the many rafting destination available in the country. Karnali River can