The two cities people visit the most when they are visiting Nepal and Kathmandu obviously and Pokhara. While Pokhara is the entry and/or exit points for trekking in the Annapurna region, travelers who are in Nepal to trek the Everest region including trekking to destinations like Makalu and Manaslu may take add some extra days to make a trip to Pokhara and if they do, they will be delighted with many things that make the

Many people who come for trekking in Nepal or for a simple tour of the country to experience the ancient culture, temples and stupas, they are astonished to find the rich food culture that exists there as well. Best of all, Nepal is mostly if not entirely free of GMO foods and most of the foods that are consumed are local and organic. We are no experts in food technology, but we think that non-GMO

One of the anxieties of visiting a foreign land is wonder the customs of the people there and how to be a good guest. A great deal of people do not want to go to a new place and do something that offends the native folks. Nepal is no exception. As a matter of fact, we get more question on how to behave more than what to eat and drink and what not to. We

Let’s face it, we are in the business of providing treks, adventures and tours so we are no experts in skincare. But while we are not experts, we have friends in beautiful places and some humorous experiences as well. Here is a story of a cultural clash and some knowledge sharing on how to keep skin healthy using ancient, tried and tested method. Doctor Grandpa When I was growing up, there was one man that

We get guests from all over the world. Young and young at heart. Men and women. American, European, Australian, Asian and South Americans. Frankly, that is the best part of our industry. We get to meet everyone from all over the world and build an everlasting friendships with them. We share ideas, passion and stories. We learn and share our knowledge. It’s a beautiful world. In catering to our customers from all over the world,

Our guide to travelers on what Nepal offers in terms of  not so extreme adventures So what is adventure really? Well, the official definition that we found from one of the official sources is “an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity”. We agreed with most of the official definition except for the “typically hazardous” part. We disagreed with the “typically hazardous” part since there are many, many adventure activities that are regarded as

In our last blog we introduced you to the Medical Plants of Nepal. Two of the most popular botanical gifts from the Himalayas are Stevia and Goji berries that are becoming increasingly popular in the western world as well. Here in the west coast, we have found Stevia in many stores including Trader Joe’s, Fred Meyer and Whole Foods. Similarly, we have seen Goji berries in the bulk food section at Fred Meyers as well

There is an universal belief that goes like this, “if it’s true, it’s not new. If it’s new, it’s not true.” This belief particularly holds true to the ancient medicinal practice around many areas of Nepal where traditional healing using plant materials are quote prevalent till today. Naturopathic practitioners known as Amchi who gain their knowledge from seniors that have passed on their knowledge for ages. “Medicine is passed down like a religious lineage, from