A Travel Journal by Rita Lucas Five years ago as I completed my degree in International Studies, I, at the offer of my late father decided to make a trip to an exotic part of the world. Costa Rica came to mind at first, but it seemed so near and not too much different from family vacations to Mexico or Hawaii. I then decided Ibiza Spain would be nice; perhaps some other cities along the

If you are planning on a Trekking holidays and decide to Travel to Nepal, you are in a treat since Trekking in Nepal will provide one of the best if not the best experiences of your lifetime. While we obviously are biased about ourselves and consider ourselves the best tour operator in Nepal, it would be a dishonest assessment to say that there are no other tour operators that are like us who have an

Trip to Nepal Even during normal circumstances, traveling to a distant land can be daunting. Over the years, some of our customers from the United Kingdom, United States, and Australia have gotten so close to our trekking guides and have invited them to visit them. Upon their return, they tell us the same story; it was daunting for them to navigate through the public transportation, cars that travel faster and airports that are like cities.